Gympie Magistrates Court, where 42 people are facing charges today.
Gympie Magistrates Court, where 42 people are facing charges today.

The 42 men and women facing Gympie court today

Today‘s court listings are published as part of News Corporation’s commitment to public interest journalism and are compiled from information made publicly available by the courts in each State and territory.

The list is a public record of people appearing before the relevant court and there is no suggestion whatsoever of any wrongdoing by anyone named in these lists.

The following people are facing Gympie Magistrates Court today, March 8, 2021:

Barker, John Harvey

Berry, Colin Mark

Brosnan, Taylor Benjamin

Brough, Kieran Peter

Bull, Nathaniel James

Butler, Jamie Dennis Geoffry

Calman, Tailyce Jamie

Carr, Adam Edward

Curran, Chantslea Sue

Donney, Andrew William, Mr

Edmeades, Jordyn Leigh

Gray, Jayden Peter Mcmahon

Haderup, Jake James

Halcrow, Lucas John, Mr

Hartwell, Lyndon James

Hartwig, John Francis, Mr

Heading, Clifford Benjamin, Mr

Janke, Dylan Neil

Jensen, Tara

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King, Brent Anthony

Koek, Saar Marie

Laws, Grace Margaret

Milligan, Joshua Eric

Molloy, Gavin Linn

Moore, Gregory James, Mr

Norman, Stephen James, Mr

O‘Meara, Aiden Christie, Mr

Packer, Zackaria Dallas

Plover, Tegan Maree

Prince, Darcy-James, Mr

Pyke, Alena Eve

Radford, Jed Thomas

Reed, Andrew Jon

Rice, Lee Stephen, Mr

Saurine, Kalabe John Steven

Scott-Holland, Dale Nicholas, Mr

Shipp, James Edward

Snell, Graeme Steven, Mr

Strachan, David Lee, Mr

Tanna, Sarah Lucy

Tickner, Ben Stephen, Mr

Wakeman, Eliot Paul