Jimmy Anderson gets hit in the head at the WACA by a Pat Cummins bouncer.
Jimmy Anderson gets hit in the head at the WACA by a Pat Cummins bouncer.

You don’t qualify for special treatment, Jimmy!

THE umpires have told under-siege English quick Jimmy Anderson to get back to the nets and stop whingeing about the Aussie bouncer barrage.

Short-pitched bowling has been in the spotlight all week after former English captain Mike Atherton said the battling English tail-enders needed more protection.

Anderson has been asking the umpires during the games, too, whether the all-out assault was necessary.

Cricket's laws provide for the umpires to protect batsmen who can't protect themselves.

But the men in the middle have told Anderson, who has a highest Test score of 81, that he doesn't qualify for any special treatment.

"I have actually chatted to the umpires about it during this series and they say at Test level you should be able to handle short balls," Anderson said.

"That is a clear message to get in the nets and practice against bouncers.

"I was not quizzing the umpires or asking them to stop it happening. I was just interested in their opinion. I guess we just need to get better at playing them."

Anderson was hit on the helmet by Pat Cummins in Perth on the first ball he faced, which he said left him with a sore jaw for days.

But he also said he expected plenty more to come, and the English batsman needed to contend with them better and show they are not a "walkover" as a team.

"We have bounced tailenders in this series and at other teams," he wrote in The Telegraph.

Jimmy Anderson at the England fan day.
Jimmy Anderson at the England fan day.

"The only time I think umpires should step in is if it is clear that a player cannot cope with them.

"We know it will not stop in this series and playing the short ball better is one challenge for the final two Tests when we need to show some pride and prove to people we are not a walkover as a team."