The Autobiography of James T. Kirk

FINALLY! An explanation for the widely panned Star Trek movie The Final Frontier - it never really happened. Or it happened only in the Star Trek universe, not in ours.

According to Captain Kirk's own autobiography (which presumably has landed here from the 23rd century because of a convenient temporal anomaly), the Enterprise crew came across the film on a parallel, Earthlike planet where fans dressed up in Starfleet uniforms to watch it. There you go.

This revelation is the only real surprise in this book, which will appeal to Trekkies, from the foreword by Leonard ("I'm a doctor, not a writer") McCoy to the afterword by Spock.

It skips through highlights of the stories in the original Star Trek series and movies, offering insights into Kirk's soul-searching, uncertainties, guilt and failed relationships, filling in some gaps and occasionally inserting some humour.

The story ranges from his childhood and being bullied at Starfleet Academy, then meeting the now familiar Enterprise senior crew, through tragedies and triumphs to end before the events of the movie Generations.