Matt Agnew is Australia's Bachelor for 2019. He makes his reality TV debut on Wednesday night.
Matt Agnew is Australia's Bachelor for 2019. He makes his reality TV debut on Wednesday night. Channel 10

The Bachelor: 'Last year's finale didn't deter me'

THE doctor is in the house - the Bachelor mansion that is.

Astrophysicist and soon-to-be reality TV star Matt Agnew is now Dr Agnew after completing his PhD with Swinburne University of Technology earlier this month.

Now he can focus on another life milestone - finding the love of his life - as this year's star of The Bachelor.

"I had no idea 2019 would be as big as it has been already," he tells The Guide.

"Who knows how the rest of the year is going to pan out."

The hope is he will find love in a fairy tale ending Bachelor viewers have come to expect. Fans felt robbed last year when Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins chose not to pursue a relationship with either of his two finalists.

"I'd never watched an entire season from start to finish, but I'd dipped my toe in from here and there - enough to understand the premise and the mechanics of the show," Agnew says.

"One of the things that drew me in was the number of successes that have come out of the franchise. Fifty percent of the outcomes have resulted in marriage, kids, family. If someone said 'I've got a way that has a 50% success rate to meet the love of your life' then I think everyone would jump at that opportunity."

Matt Agnew on the set of The Bachelor. Supplied by Channel 10.
Matt Agnew on the set of The Bachelor. Supplied by Channel 10.

He doesn't feel any pressure to right the wrongs of last year's Bachelor.

"I did see last year's finale and how it played out, but no it didn't deter me," he says.

"Going in I was very confident I would make the decision that was right for me, just as I'm positive he made the right decision for him."

The 31-year-old will meet a bevy of beautiful women in next week's premiere of the reality dating show's seventh season.

As promos have shown, there's a fair bit of confusion amongst the group about his profession. But he says that sparked some "exciting and engaging" conversations.

"You can't know every job in the world. There are plenty of careers and jobs that I don't know," he says.

"Whenever you're getting to know someone you ask about their background, career and the things that interest them. Naturally if they ask me those questions it's going to fall to the topic of space and science. I certainly shared with them information about my career and the things I'm passionate about.

"It's exciting thing to be able to teach someone about your life, and a really humbling thing."

Growing up with "scientifically minded" parents, his head was in the stars from an early age.

"The key point for me that is very memorable was Year 4 when NASA's Pathfinder landed on Mars and the rover went along the surface and sent back these images of the Martian landscape. I remember just being enraptured by what was happening and these images and the technology," he says.

"That was a real critical point for me of just being really excited about space."

With his PhD completed, Agnew has just started a new job as a data scientist specialising in machine learning, which he describes as using "clever algorithms to model data".

"It's an opportunity to learn something new, but I still want to keep a foot in the space world obviously."

The Bachelor premieres on Wednesday, July 31 at 7.30pm on Ten/WIN.