The best advice on Hendra is not on Facebook

OPINION: GYMPIE region vet Steve Dennis has administered more than 800 Hendra vaccinations and witnessed three "reactions", none of which were more severe than some muscle pain and mild swelling.

The issue of vaccinating horses against Hendra is one that vets and horse owners are very passionate about, but if I wanted to get the most professional, educated and reliable opinion on the risks associated with vaccinating against this terrible disease - a disease that has a mortality rate in humans of 70% and in horses of 80% - I reckon I would take the opinion of a vet over anyone.

There are far too many armchair experts out there who base their very strong and convincing opinions on hearsay, misinformation and paranoia. Then they plaster them all over the internet.

According to the Queensland Health website there have been seven confirmed human infections of Hendra in Queensland in the past two decades, resulting in four deaths.

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I can completely understand Gemma Antrobus's great distress when the beautiful Bella went down, but turning to Facebook for advice is not something I could recommend to anyone.

Now the case has been apparently taken to Parliament. The outcome should be interesting.