WATER DONATION: Brad Costigan donates water to the Granite Belt.
WATER DONATION: Brad Costigan donates water to the Granite Belt. Brad Costigan

The Christmas donation making farmers smile

CHRISTMAS time is usually the season for joy, but for those in drought it's more likely the season for stress.

Luckily, one Brisbane man knows Christmas is also the season for charity.

Brad Costigan of The Aussie Trekka Facebook page started donating water and stock feed to Granite Belt producers, Granite Belt Water Relief and Purple Dove five weeks ago, but now wants to expand his goodwill in a project called To Make a Farmer Smile.

Reaching out to businesses and other good samaritans to help donate food for Christmas hampers, Mr Costigan said he was inspired to give back after travelling around Australia and seeing how bad the drought was.

"A lot of farmers are really struggling," he said.

"They don't have money to buy Christmas things and Christmas should be a happy time.

"I just know I would hate to sit down around a table with nothing on it at Christmas, and hopefully, with the hampers, at least there will be something."

As well as help from the Byron Bay Chocolate Co and Byron Bay Coffee, Mr Costigan said he also hoped to get people to pitch in with homemade goodies.

"I've got someone in Maroochydore making rum balls and I'm baking Christmas cakes," he said.

"Those homemade things give it a personal touch.

"It's not just a hamper, it's something someone's taken time to make in their own home and kitchen.

"Some people can't get to Stanthorpe and can't help in the way I've been able to help but they can contribute in that way."

For more information, contact theaussietrekka@gmail.com