This Twitter post got a lot of people talking.
This Twitter post got a lot of people talking.

The frequent flyer tweet that sparked outrage

"FLYING the first class, up in the sky. Poppin' champagne, livin' my life … glamorous."

"If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home!"

The lyrics from the popular Fergie song Glamorous spring to mind when scrolling through a barrage of tweets debating whether or not frequent flyer points are a tool of inequality.

The debate was sparked by Amanda Kolson Hurley who posted a tweet lamenting how unfair the system is, totally unsuspecting of the fury that would end up flying her way.

The journalist, who is based in Washington and works for the popular website City Lab, hit out at the system in a viral post, calling it "ridiculous".

She mused: "Frequent-flier miles are a tool of inequality. People who fly a lot for work (so overwhelmingly have high-status, well-paid jobs) then get free vacation travel for their families. It's ridiculous when you think about it."


This Twitter post got a lot of people talking.
This Twitter post got a lot of people talking.


The response was so overwhelming that she ended up deleting the post, with many believing that it was actually her take on the popular air travel reward system that was ridiculous.

Amanda later wrote: "I deleted the tweet. Appreciate the people who disagreed with me in good faith and made valid points."

Regarding the decision to delete the tweet, she wrote: "1) Not worth the abuse 2) I clearly overlooked how many people on moderate incomes travel for work."

Many Twitter users had pointed out that they travel frequently for work but don't make a motza, and others said there are ways to earn points without breaking the bank.

User Craig wrote: "I'm glad you deleted it. Was plainly silly. When I first attained Platinum, I was earning a lowly IT trainers salary. I just flew a lot. The points made for upgrading to make the long haul more bearable. 20 EU/US/Asia trips a year ..?"

Other were quick to criticise.

However, some travellers agreed with Amanda, or didn't see the problem with her comment.

One wrote: "I thought that your tweet was innocuous. It stinks that people react so emotionally on here."

Another said: "The pile on was ridiculous. You hit a lot of people close to home with that one."

Others said it was an interesting topic to consider.