Calico Creek Rd.
Calico Creek Rd. Contributed

The Gympie region road saga that just keeps going

JUST over two months after slamming Gympie Regional Council for their inattention over a local road which nearly wrote off his car, Calico Creek resident Michael Brown has taken to social media to vent further frustrations.

Mr Brown, who lives on Robinson Rd with wife Bronwyn, shared a post on Facebook including a photo of his tape measure stretching across a sizeable pothole on Calico Creek Road.

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Michael Brown from Calico creek in Gympie is unhappy about his road.
Michael Brown from Calico Creek in Gympie is unhappy about the state of Robinson Rd. Renee Albrecht


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"It measures about 500(mm) by 400mm and it (is) quite obvious as you drive along the road,” Mr Brown's post read.

"You either swerve around it or hit it and go 'oh golly'.

"The road was repaired about 500 metres beyond this last week. Several ... council vehicles passed this last week during the 'beyond' road works ... yet the pot hole and several others remain totally ignored.

"They will in time increase in size, potentially damage vehicles and cost substantially more than it would have cost to sort them out when they were there with all the gear.”

A council spokeswoman confirmed a crew was on site "to complete a large pavement repair” on the road, but said "the pot-holes in question” required different "material, machinery and work methods” to treat.

"Council manage over 1300km of sealed roads and over 950km of unsealed roads. Should any issues arise, council encourage residents to log (requests), however road works are prioritised based on need and use,” the spokeswoman said.

Mr Brown previously complained council had failed to take action on the degraded Robinson Rd, and claimed the road had caused more than $1000 in repairs to his Suzuki sedan after an embedded rock cut open its oil sump in October last year.

The spokeswoman said council had "responded to Mr Brown's concerns on numerous occasions since 2010” and denied his complaints had spurred their recent action.

"The concerns raised by Mr Brown were regarding a gravel road, not a bitumen Road,” she said.