ECCENTRIC independent MP Bob Katter is now known for being the worst "Pharrell" impersonator and for "abrupt left turns" in interviews after US comedian Stephen Colbert poked fun at the Queenslander.

Colbert told his US viewers how Australians had voted overwhelmingly for same sex marriage and how lesbians are now allowed to say, "that's not a wife, this is a wife" before turning the spotlight on Katter.

Stephen Colbert warned viewers of “extreme levels of Australianess” in the Katter clip. Picture: Fox8
Stephen Colbert warned viewers of “extreme levels of Australianess” in the Katter clip. Picture: Fox8

Colbert played a recent interview where Katter was asked about the historic vote for same sex marriage, only to bizarrely spin the answer into people being eaten by crocodiles.

"One opponent of the gay marriage vote was Australian house member and world's worst Pharrell impersonator, Bob Katter," Colbert told his audience during a monologue.

"Now the vote is over, Katter wants to move on to other things.

"I want to warn you, the clip you're about to see contains extreme level of Australianess."

The clip showed Katter saying "people are entitled to their sexual proclivities, Let there be a thousand blossoms bloom, as far as I'm concerned," before his face changed, his tone suddenly furious.

Bob Katter visiting Mackay.
Bob Katter visiting Mackay. Tony Martin

"But I ain't spendin' any time on it, because in the meantime, every three months, a person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in North Queensland," he spat."

Colbert re-appeared on screen and imitated driving a car while making screeching noises.

"Wow! That was an abrupt left turn right there. I can't wait for Katter to weigh in on gay adoptions," he said.

Then taking the place of Katter, Colbert said, "People are entitled to the joy and laughter at children, I say live and let live, but who cares, because in the meantime, every five minutes gangs of kangaroos and dingoes are chewing your face off."