COMPETITOR: Gary Pagel in 4's for the Corbet's Mothar Mountain Speedway in Gympie.
COMPETITOR: Gary Pagel in 4's for the Corbet's Mothar Mountain Speedway in Gympie. Contributed

The Mothar Mountain Speedway roars again

Speedway: Corbet's Group Mothar Mountain Speedway bursts back into action tonight for the second of four awesome Magic on the Mountain race meetings.

Once again, the Mountain has attracted the highest quality of competitive fields which means that the action will be outstanding from the beginning to the end of the race meeting.

Tonight sees the running of the Coolum Beach Getaway Resort Street Stock City of Gympie Title.

This is the third running of this very popular event and it has attracted a good field of competitors all eager to win the family holiday on offer from Getaway Resort.

There is also a very sizeable amount of prize money on offer as well as an array of attractive trophies.

The winner tonight of the Coolum Beach Getaway Resort Street Stock City of Gympie Title will not only win a family holiday at Getaway Resort but will take home the winner's trophy and a sizeable winner's purse.

Street Stock racing has become very popular with the fans in the few years that the class has operated in Queensland.


As the class's name implies; the race cars are stock standard equipment with all of the necessary safety requirements. Because of this, the cars race in both directions around the track, being determined at the pit gate as the cars enter the track.

This always ensures close frantic action during the competition.

The first two City of Gympie titles were won by former State Street Stock Champion Steven English.

It is probably no surprise then to see Steven's name in the list of nominations for tonight's event.

He will drive his old race car one more time to try to keep his name as the title winner.

Jayden Snell, who has bought the car and is forging his own path in the division, was happy to offer Steven the drive in the title.

"Let's give him the opportunity to do it again,” Jayden said.

Two time winner of the Coolum Beach Getaway Resort Street Stock City of Gympie Title, Steven English will be on board G18 tonight in an effort to win again.

Meeting number one Street Stock feature race winner, Ryan Kahler, liked that winning feeling so much that he wants to experience it again.

A relative new comer to the sport, car G33 will display a brand new livery tonight.

Peter Thompson proudly wears the number NSW1 on his car; which only goes to prove that he is a very talented driver respected throughout the country. He would love to win tonight.

"This race has eluded me, so far.

"I have got close; but, that's not a win.

"Maybe tonight that beach holiday will finally come my way,” said Peter.

South Burnett's Dylan Jarman, Ben Langton, Brad Mendes and Nathan Barbeler have all performed well on the Mountain.

South Burnett based drivers just love to come to Gympie and take home the prizes because Gympie based drivers often do that to them in Kingaroy.

Three female drivers will be in the field tonight all with good chances of winning. Sharee Barron, Josie Thompson and Michelle Barbeler all know what it takes to win and have all done so in the past.

All three are fierce competitors and are ready for a win tonight.

Toowoomba's Robert Trapp has competed on the Mountain quite successfully in the past in other divisions.

He is a new driver in the Street Stocks and loves the close racing for which the class is famous.

He could be one to watch in the final results tonight.

Another quiet achiever in the class is John Stoward who is always at or near the front of the field. Could be another to watch for in the final results tonight.

Michael (Grizzly) Adams is travelling down from Blackwater to compete tonight .

"It's a long way to come,” he said.

"I'll be trying really hard, so watch out.”

Add to the list local driver David Priddy and visitors Derek Richards and Wade Murie and the feature race win may involve a very large amount of luck.


Josh Arthur - Street Stocks.

First meeting of 2014/15 Gympie Speedway season at Mothar Mountain. Saturday, September 27, 2014.

Photo Contributed
RECORD: Josh Arthur still holds the track record for Street Stocks at the Corbet's Group Mothar Mountain Speedway, with a time of 19.996sec set in 2013. James Loose

Production Sedans

A GOOD field of production sedans have entered for tonight's events.

The specifications of this popular division always ensures close exciting racing because the cars are equal in performance.

The division also competes on road-registered tyres, again an equaliser.

Former Queensland champion Chris Pagel would love to make it two feature race wins in a row tonight to top the list for season points awards.

The division will welcome back multi-award winning driver, Frank Packer, tonight.

Frank, who has been competing in the US, loves the Mountain track and is keen to settle back into some local racing.

He has his eyes firmly on winning some big events this season. Watch the BB77 car.

Another driver making a return to competition tonight is Aaron Sander in his giant-killing Cortina.

Aaron is quite at home on the Mountain and has several victories under his belt on the circuit. Could be his night.

Local drivers Patrick Brennan, Daniel Henshaw, Neil Keldoulis, Dayne Francis and Doug Rigby, all know how to win on their home track.

Anyone of them could easily lead home the field tonight.

The women in the sport will be well-represented by Selina Jennings and Kayla Stokes. Both are fierce competitors and will go all out for success.

Sunshine Coast driver Adrian Stott is regarded as somewhat of a veteran on the Mountain and is always very competitive.

Brendan Cowley tonight gets the opportunity to drive SC61 which he usually does quite successfully.

Newcomers Rick Hazelgrove and Jamie Beasmore have started their racing careers in bright fashion and could easily cause upsets.

Modified Sedans

FOLLOWING the magical success of the Corbet's Group Modified Sedan Showdown, this meeting's Modifed Sedans will have a hard act to follow.

Those competing tonight are capable of continuing that Modified magic.

Jamie O'Meara had a good Showdown meeting and is keen to continue his success.

Glenn Pagel will be looking for a better run without any of the engine concerns that plagued his last race.

Jessica O'Meara is coming to grips with the class and must be close to her first win.


Brett Baxter will compete in father-in-law's Falcon B42 once again tonight.

Changes have been made to the car to suit Brett, who is aiming at returning to the top to win an Australian title.

Russell Harris and Kent Shelford are both new competitors on the mountain, but love the challenge of racing here and will look for success.

Wade Flikweert will be hoping for a trouble-free night and to get to the end of the meeting at the front.

Scott McDermott is a new Modified Sedan competitor with a very successful career as a Street Stock driver behind him.

New driver, Amy Kelly is also very intent on starting her Modified Sedan racing career successfully.

Hayden Turner in 4's. Corbet's Mothar Mountain Speedway Gympie.
Hayden Turner in 4's. Corbet's Mothar Mountain Speedway Gympie. Contributed

National 4s

HAYDEN Turner survived the mayhem of Maryborough Speedway last weekend to record an impressive feature race win.

His intention is to repeat that feat tonight.

Hayden Turner knows just how quick his Toyota can be.

But Brock Hancock won the season's first National 4's feature event and wants to repeat that dose tonight.

Darryl Oliver, Braydon Mooney and Harrison Chown have all started the season on a high and could all finish tonight with a win.

Matt Bielby, Gary Cartwright, Darren Brumpton and Matt Claydon are also capable of winning tonight; while Bundaberg's Rachael Jenkins makes a welcome return to the Mountain.

Junior Sedans

A GOOD evenly paced field of Junior Sedans should ensure that these "Champions of the Future” have a very exciting night.

With Ellie Peacock being perhaps ranked as the quickest and the remainder of the field all very equal; to tip a winner is very difficult.

Check out the list of Junior Sedan nominations to choose your own favourite for tonight's racing.

Enjoy the action as only the Mountain is able to provide.