'GET OUT OF MY WAY': Chatterbox takes on Christmas shoppers.
'GET OUT OF MY WAY': Chatterbox takes on Christmas shoppers. Ivanko_Brnjakovic

The problem(s) with Christmas shopping

I SPENT a couple of days in Brisbane last week. We went to see Shania Twain in concert, which incidentally was amazing.

At 53 years of age, she can still belt out a tune.

And as is required when you visit a major capital city, we indulged in some retail therapy.

We were fortunate to be staying in a motel off the Queen Street Mall and we could escape the hustle and bustle, but note to self - never go to a major shopping precinct like that three weeks out from Christmas. It was madness.

You were quite literally rubbing shoulders with strangers. It was wall to wall people both in the mall and in the retail outlets themselves.

And the biggest problem? Men.

We all know men hate to shop.

Most men will find a spot on a seat outside the shop and get comfortable in what is a nervous wait hoping his significant other doesn't totally obliterate the credit card.

But, there is a new wave of men who are happy to accompany their partners into shops to hold clothes, carry handbags and offer moral support.

"No honey your butt does not look huge in that dress."

Now don't get me wrong, I am more than happy for men to be helpful and loving and supportive when us girls are on a retail binge, but seriously get out of my way!

What this new-found interest for these men has done is create congestion within the shop.

The guys are loitering outside the changerooms, in the aisles, talking and playing games on their phones, trying to hide their disinterest all in the name of "happy wife, happy life".

But there is a solution, in every major retail centre/store create a retail "time out" area, just for men.

Move the benches indoors, put the cricket of footy on a big screen, serve up some cold beverages and a meat-based menu.

Put out some cards, a PlayStation and any type of magazine that has cars and bikes on the front and the men will be begging to stay.

It would be just like daycare.

You could drop them off on the way into the store and pick them up on the way back.

No more whining about their sore feet, how long you are taking, how much money you are spending and having to answer questions like "do you really need the same shirt in 4 different colours?" or "where you are going to wear those $200 pair of shoes?"

You're free, they're entertained - it's a win-win for everyone.

I really hope someday this will catch on because as we know girls, no one can come between us and a bargain.