MODERN MAN-SCAPING: Journalists Rowan Schindler and Tom Daunt are part of the new generation of bearded men.
MODERN MAN-SCAPING: Journalists Rowan Schindler and Tom Daunt are part of the new generation of bearded men. Jacob Carson

The search is on for the best beards in Gympie region

IN THE great tradition of those pioneering men who discovered gold 150 years ago and who worked the Gympie gold fields and founded this great city and region, Gympie Regional Council is looking for the best two beards of 2017.

Nashy's Big Beard Bonanza celebrates the memory of James Nash, and acknowledges the resurgence of facial hair as a popular choice among modern men.

Beards come in many shapes, sizes, colours, thicknesses, levels of tidiness and shininess.

We are looking for - and want our readers to help choose - the Best Wild and Bushy Beard, and the Best Manscaped Beard.

Yes, there will be two winners.

Gympie region men can register to enter this fun contest at this link:


Registrations open today and will stay open until next Friday, October 6. The first 150 men to enter will receive a single pass to the Rush Concert to be held in Albert Park on Saturday, October 14, headlined by Jimmy Barnes.

Entrants must upload a photo of their hirsute selves via the link.

Next Saturday, The Gympie Times will run a full spread of all the entrants, and voting on the best beards will begin, and run until the Thursday before voting closes.

Readers will be able to vote using the entry coupons that will run underneath the photo- graphic spread of entrants, or online.

Voting closes at noon on Friday, October 13. Two voters will win a $100 Visa Gift Card.

Those with the top 10 beards, determined by the public vote, will then be asked to present themselves to a small panel of judges at the Mary St City Centre Stage at 10.40am on Gold Rush day, Saturday, October 14.

The Best Manscaped Beard and the Best Wild and Bushy Beard will each receive a Downunder four-burner barbecue and Bearded Stag Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit containing shampoo, balm, oil and a comb.

In addition, starting next Saturday, October 7, The Gympie Times in conjunction with Gympie Regional Council will give away to our readers 1000 commemorative G150 bronze coins.

The Sesquicentenary Coin Giveaway will coincide with an 11-part series of historic Hero Editions of The Gympie Times celebrating all the rich facets of this region's history.

Ideal for capturing some of the lesser known stories of our region's history and to treasure as a keepsake for generations to come or store in a time capsule, the Hero Editions will explore the history of this region's motoring industry, local government, manufacturing, rural industry, tourism, sport, gold mining, education, health and commerce.

To redeem your free customised G150 souvenir coin before stocks run out, simply bring three coupons from different editions of The Gympie Times into our office at 44 Nash St.

The coupons will be hidden in the pages of each paper from October 7 to 21.