'They knew': Council staffer's explosive corruption claims

A COUNCIL worker has detailed various allegations about the former Ipswich mayor and other Ipswich councillors, claiming the elected officials "knew".

In documents tabled in parliament, the council worker says those who work for the council have been "aware of systemic crime and corruption" but have been too afraid to speak out.

"I have recently been supporting many victims and whistle blowers, many of which are too afraid to come forward," the council staffer wrote.

"I found giving evidence to the CCC to be really beneficial to my emotional state. If Council, Councillors and politicians will not tell the truth, and all of the truth, then more and more of us will tell it for them.

"I will not be controlled by their corporate secrets and I will not be silenced by their lies and veiled threats."

About 1200 people work for Ipswich City Council.

The council staffers allegations are lengthy and detailed in one of 10 documents tabled by far north MP Rob Pyne this week.

The allegations include the former mayor putting "a cap on some staff earnings" fabricated time sheets and staff "working lengthy hours" but receiving only minimum pay.

In a cover letter, the worker wrote;

"Our community needs to know the truth of what we are made do (sic) in Council to keep our jobs. I don't fully understand the technical difference between crooked and corrupt but this council is well organized at doing very bad things and explaining them away as normal, as ok. Legally and ethically they are certainly not ok at all."

Read all the documents tabled by MP Rob Pyne on Tuesday, August 8 here.