Thieves pick the wrong home to rob

OFF-duty police officers nabbed two booze thieves who were trying to make a getaway from their neighbour's home early yesterday.

The husband and wife crime fighting duo, who police asked to remain anonymous, were woken to the sounds of two teenage thieves making their escape down the side of their neighbour's home about 3.45am yesterday.

The husband chased the pair down - grabbing one before the other fled - while his wife phoned police and the couple's neighbours.

"My wife heard and saw the silhouettes of two persons on the side yard of a neighbour's house, she looked out the front yard and saw them cross the road and told me," the husband said.

"We contacted our neighbours, they went out and I went out and ran across the road and took up with them and we've located (the thieves) with a quantity of alcohol and cigarettes which were taken from the patio.

"I asked them what they were doing and told them to remain where they are and that I was contacting police.

"One of them ran, I gave chase, but decided to return to where my wife was with the other offender. The other offender returned to where we were, started to get a little bit aggressive and at that time the police crews arrived and took the pair into custody."

The husband said his crime-fighting effort was not a big deal and it was something any neighbour would do. But he warned the public to not put themselves in danger for the sake of stolen property.

"We were just doing what anyone else would do under those circumstances," he said.

Two men, aged 17 and 18, have been charged with unlawfully entering an enclosed yard and stealing.