‘This is going to hurt’: 'Rapist' dad's horrid words to girl

AN IPSWICH father who allegedly began raping his own daughter when she was just four gave her the morning after pill so she wouldn't get pregnant, a court has heard.

The 55-year-old is on trial in the Brisbane District Court for raping the girl over nine years until she was 13 at homes in Ipswich and Brisbane between 1988 and 1997.

The Gailes father has pleaded not guilty to seven charges of rape and six other child sex offences.

Crown prosecutor Liz Kelso told the court that on one occasion the man climbed through his daughter's window and told her to lie on the floor naked.

"He told (the girl) 'This is going to hurt'," she said.

"During this time she was crying, telling him to stop and in response he put his hand over her mouth …"

Ms Kelso told the court he would often take the young girl to isolated areas to carry out the attacks and on one occasion told her "to stop crying and he would buy her McDonald's on the way home".

The Crown alleged the last time he abused the girl as a teenager, he gave her the morning after pill so she "couldn't have a baby".

The father, who was born in Thailand, sat in the dock with a translator as the charges were detailed to the jury.

His defence team is yet to make any opening remarks.

The trial is expected to last a week and continues under Judge Leanne Clare. - NewsRegional

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