Thousands of Gympie drivers were stranded on local roads in the last year. SUPPLIED
Thousands of Gympie drivers were stranded on local roads in the last year. SUPPLIED

Thousands of drivers left stranded on Gympie roads this year

THE RACQ has warned Gympie region motorists to get their car checked early in the new financial year, after recent statistics showed thousands of drivers had been left stranded on local roads.


New data has revealed RACQ Roadside Patrols helped a total of 24,043 stranded motorists in the past 12 months across the Gympie and Fraser Coast regions.

The causes included 3,729 flat batteries, 1,595 flat tyres and 1,263 car lockouts, according to the figures.

RACQ generic
RACQ generic

RACQ spokeswoman Lucinda Ross said the data showed more than 760,000 motorists needing help across Queensand in that time, including almost 105,000 flat battery callouts, 4,306 calls for mechanical breakdown, 64,333 flat tyres changed, and 36,971 drivers who’d locked themselves out of the car.

Ms Ross said now was the time for drivers to check up on their car’s health.

“The start of the new financial year isn’t just a time for your tax return or to visit your accountant, it’s a good spot to mark in the calendar to check on your car’s health too,” Ms Ross said.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross.
RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross.

“We all know owning a car can be a costly exercise, but by doing basic maintenance checks on a regular basis you could save yourself from an expensive trip to the mechanic.

“Get under the bonnet today and check your car’s oil and water levels and visit your local fuel station to check the air pressure on your tyres. Make sure it’s all up to scratch and if you notice anything out of the ordinary, get it looked into early.”

Ms Ross said eased driving restrictions across Queensland would mean more motorists are getting behind the wheel after a dormant few months.

“If your car has been sitting idle or used for short trips to the grocery store and back for a few months, your battery could be in danger of going flat,” she said.

“We went to the aide of almost 105,000 drivers for a flat battery last year, so make sure you take your car for a few longer drives to give the battery a chance to recharge, or give us a call and get it checked out by one of our Roadside Patrols.

“Whether you drive your car every day or once a month, make time today to check it’s all in working order so you can start the new financial year with some peace of mind.”