Red Square, Moscow. Photo:Flickr/yeowatzup
Red Square, Moscow. Photo:Flickr/yeowatzup

Three suicide bombers target police in attack

Three suicide bombers have launched attacks in Russia's Stavropol region in the north Caucasus, the Interfax news agency reports.

Local authorities said the attacks targeted a police station, and that five explosions were heard in all.

Video purporting to be from the scene was posted to social media by the Russian outlet Life News. It showed debris outside the front entrance to the station, as well as damage to cars and buildings in the street outside apparently as a result of the blasts.

A police official told RIA Novosti the incident took place in the Novoselitsk district in Stavropol, and that more details were being "clarified".

Initial reports suggested the three bombers were the only casualties of the attack.