PHOTO: A funeral goer carries a picture of Ron Dyne in his military days.
PHOTO: A funeral goer carries a picture of Ron Dyne in his military days.

YOUR SAY: Time to celebrate the life of Ron Dyne

IT IS more than a month now since the Gympie community and people from across the country joined together to celebrate the life of Ron Dyne.

The first mayor of the amalgamated greater Gympie Regional Council, a gentleman in every sense of the word, a man who gave 100% to the community, a man who was always available to discuss problems, to attend various functions. He was a man who could hold his head high in any company.

I had the privilege of delivering his eulogy a story of a highly respected senior military officer and then a servant of the people through his role as mayor.

During my presentation I took the bold step of suggesting that the new aquatic centre should be named in Ron's honour.

Prior to leaving Gympie there were a number of comments in the paper about short comings with the complex.

My own council faced the same criticism and now in accordance with the original plan we have a wonderful community aquatic centre that will grow in the years ahead. I am not a rate payer in Gympie and probably have no right to even suggest the name of the aquatic centre.

I believe if the current council don't name the facility in Ron's honour now, then memories of his wonderful work will fade.

Councillors please give this matter your urgent consideration, make a decision now and honour the memory of the first mayor of the greater Gympie Regional Council, the mayor who led you through the many minefields of amalgamation.

Ron Dyne deserves no less.

Jim Hislop,