Craig Warhurst
Craig Warhurst

Time to fine more litterers

AS MOST of you know, I love the Gympie region; it's an amazing place to live.

But what really annoys me is when I see people wrecking our great part of the world.

I had to head to Brisbane to watch my sons play hockey in Brisbane last weekend.

It's what I do most hockey season Saturdays.

While exiting Gympie, just past the Gold Nugget truck stop, I followed a car and saw what looked like fast food wrappers thrown out the window.

The rubbish bounced across the road in front of me and landed in the culvert.

As my blood started to boil, a hand emerged from the same window and flicked a cigarette on to the highway.

It took all my efforts not overtake the driver and give him a mouthful.

I have never been able to understand how people can throw rubbish out of a car.

But by the amount of litter on sides of roads, plenty of motorists do it.

I'm no dobber but it's about time we started reporting more of the grubs littering our great region.