The team from Foxy Lady: Wendy, Lee and Sally.
The team from Foxy Lady: Wendy, Lee and Sally. Josie Laird

Timeless elegance for winter

TRENDS this autumn and winter in europe are for graphic black and white, hard-hitting punk, folksy tribal, military styling and an ‘80s comeback style.

While these trends may be hitting the right note for the fashionistas out there, timeless elegance and style are all the rage for the more mature woman.

Lee from Foxy Lady Boutique presents a range of elegant everyday fashion and accessories for ladies prepared to accent their individuality and own personal sense of style.

Women’s clothing styles are more diverse and accepting of individual preferences than ever.

It used to be that a narrow group to top designers dictate what the trends of the season were to be, but no longer.

By looking past the young models svelte bodies; you will find an increasing selection of fashions fit for the more mature woman.

The lament, “There aren’t any nice clothes for older women,” is as out-of-date as the 8-track.