TINDER TIPS: Meet the self-proclaimed
TINDER TIPS: Meet the self-proclaimed "Tinder Cowboy," James who says Kingaroy is a great place to meet fellow singles — if you're prepared to keep an open mind and “your standards low”.

’Tinder pro’ shares tips for swiping success in Burnett

WHILE some regional Queensland singles appears to be struggling to find love, another South Burnett Tinder aficionado says the dating app is "heaps" useful when used strategically.

Self-proclaimed "Tinder Cowboy" James* from Kingaroy says he's been using Tinder for several years and has had some great results.

"It's all about getting your profile just right," James said.

"Every good Tinder profile should have plenty of gym activity, shirtless photos, and if you need to tell a few white lies to boost your status, go for it.

"For example, if you're a labourer say you're an electrician, if you're a trolley boy at Woolies, put down you're a labourer. It's all about talking yourself up a little bit so that you come across as much better than you actually are."

James, 25, disagrees with older Tinder user Geoff, and says the South Burnett can be a great place to meet potential love interests if you keep an open mind and are willing to try dating outside your comfort zone.


Tinder aficionado James says it’s essential to have plenty of shirtless gym photos in your profile if you want to swipe for success.
Tinder aficionado James says it’s essential to have plenty of shirtless gym photos in your profile if you want to swipe for success.


"The lower your standards the better your odds," he said.

"I like to max out my radius to as far as it will go and then I set the age range from 18 to 45, and if that's not working out, there's nothing wrong with bumping it up to 50."

The seasoned swiper said as far a date locations went, the South Burnett provided limitless options.

"First dates is always, always Netflix and chill, and if that goes well, then for the second date you should take her to Maccas - but make sure you go Dutch, don't let her think you're going to pay for her chicken nuggets this early in the game or you're stuffed.

"Maybe if you get around to a fourth of fifth date you can go to a pub but that's for when things are getting pretty serious so don't jump the gun too soon.

"If Netflix and chill doesn't work our unfortunately you do have to shut her down, but don't feel too bad about it, there's plenty of other single women to meet in the South Burnett.

"Just remember there are no standards you can't lower and no lines you can't cross."


*The Tinder Cowboy chose not reveal his real name for the sake of this article.


The South Burnett Times recommends always informing a friend of your plans and location BEFORE meeting anyone from online and phone dating apps. We also strongly recommend meeting in a well-lit, public and neutral location for the first several dates or meet-ups to ensure your safety. DON'T get into the car of someone you don't know or trust, particularly on the first meeting


It is also highly recommended you don't share any personal details like your full name, phone number, email address, home address or personal/private photographs until you are comfortable enough and can trust the person you are conversing with.