T’is the season for a new tree

GYMPIE is not Whoville and the Grinch did not steal Christmas but something was definitely lacking in our Christmas tree this year.

Evicted from its proud position in the middle of "Ronnie's Ring" at the Fiveways, the Christmas tree was given a new home at the shiny new Monkland St roundabout.

It was a logical move to relocate it to the jazzed-up entrance to the city's CBD, but the poor thing looked thin and sad and lonely teetering there on its pole, high above the garden.

It was a poor imitation of its usual splendour.

Mayor Ron Dyne seems to be among those who noticed this.

He wants a "real" tree planted at the site before next Christmas - a mature pine tree that will blaze with the spirit of the festive season. If he can't get that, he promises to do something about the sparse version we bore witness to this year.