Here's what's making news around Gympie today.
Here's what's making news around Gympie today.

Today’s news: Unemployment spikes, local lad to give $5000

GOOD morning Gympie, and welcome to Wednesday.

The last full week of winter brought yet another chilly start around the region this morning, with a minimum of 2.4C recorded at 6am.

Today’s top is expected to be 23C, with a few clouds hanging about and the slight chance of a shower in the afternoon.

Here’s what’s making news in the Gold Ciy this morning:

Gympie’s youth unemployment hits staggering level

GYMPIE businessman Justin Lippiatt is urging the region’s state and national leadership team to think outside the box to find a solution to the area’s staggering high youth unemployment problem.

The current rate 7.1 per cent higher than at the same time last year, when the rate sat at 18.6 per cent, and more than 10 per cent above the state average.

Generous Gympie boy’s remarkable $5000 donation

A GYMPIE boy’s remarkable generosity streak has continued through the COVID-19 pandemic, and will soon result in a whopping $5000 donation to his favourite local charities.

11-year-old One Mile State School student Flynn Hutchison first made headlines earlier this year when he raised $1200 for Little Haven Palliative Care.

Backlash against plan for new Gympie child care centre

A PROPOSED Child Care centre near the new Gympie Aquatic Centre has met with backlash.

A petition objecting to the proposed 80-spot development will be tabled at today’s Gympie Regional Council meeting.

‘Worthless bitch. I’m getting my gun. I’ll kill you’

A GYMPIE dad called his then-partner a “worthless bitch” and threatened to kill her in an “abhorrent” attack while their children were just outside.

The incident happened in late December 2019, when Donald Hamilton, 34, and his then-partner got into an argument over her having spent Christmas with friends instead of Hamilton.

21 jobs going in Gympie now

There’s plenty of local jobs on offer at the moment. See what they are to work out whether you might be a good fit.

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