Taneesha Kellie Folkes was ashamed after hearing what she did during the sickening attack.
Taneesha Kellie Folkes was ashamed after hearing what she did during the sickening attack. Facebook

Toilet attack: Woman wielded blood-filled syringe

A PSYCHOTIC attacker dragged a woman into a public toilet's cubicle and robbed her while wielding a bloody syringe.

Horrified toilet users heard screams as Toowoomba mother Taneesha Kellie Folkes made stabbing motions with the syringe.

Folkes, 27, forced her 60-year-old victim to sit on the Brisbane CBD toilet and demanded she hand over her valuables.

Prosecutors said the older woman shouted "Please help me, please help".

The attack was outlined on Friday in Brisbane District Court, which heard former Ipswich woman Folkes was in a drug-induced frenzy at the time.

Defence counsel Steve Kissick said Folkes had been so high she could not even remember the January 8 robbery.

Meanwhile, other restroom users heard screaming and swearing, and asked Folkes what was causing the chaos.

Folkes lied, saying the older woman had pulled a gun on her.

Folkes took the woman's purse and fled to a train station but police found a hospital bracelet with her name on it in a nearby bin.

Judge Greg Koppenol was told a witness saw Folkes in a "manic" state.

The drug addict was arrested later in Toowoomba.

Mr Kissick said Folkes was "shamed and humiliated and distressed" after hearing what she'd done.

"She is truly a drug addict," he added.

Folkes's condition had now stabilised and she was engaging well with mental health treatment, said Mr Kissick.

He said Judge Koppenol could release Folkes on parole "today or very shortly".

The judge said the "terrible offence" would have been "frightful" for the woman.

He said Folkes had consumed ice just before the robbery, and was on speed the night before.

Judge Koppenol said Folkes had been homeless and all she cared about then was getting money for drugs.

She was sentenced to three years' jail.

For reasons including time already served in custody, and her early guilty plea, Folkes will be released on parole on October 29.

The judge urged her to get serious help for her drug problems.

"Good luck. You're going to have to work very hard every day," he told her. -NewsRegional