‘Token woman’ for Gympie deputy does not make council PC

Letter to the editor:

HAVING finally got my hands on a copy of Saturday’s The Gympie Times, after the headlines. I looked for another personal favourite – letters. I read Wayne Plant’s letter about “Who should be deputy mayor?” (GT 11/4/20) I found it a bit condescending in my opinion, regarding female representation in the council.

What is fair about handing a woman the job of deputy simply because she is a woman? We have two very good women in Council 2020 – Jess Milne and Dolly Jensen.

They won their place fair and square because, obviously, those who voted for them admired their ideology and their honestly and approach pre-election.


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I am sick and tired of hearing about: “we need a certain amount of women or a certain amount of people of a different skin colour” to make some group or other appear politically correct.

This is the biggest load of codswaddle.

We need the best people for the jobs, that’s what we need. In my humble opinion -or not so humble really – we need a good strong person with experience for deputy mayor, who can step into the Mayor’s shoes if ever required to do so.

It may or may not be a woman, the mayor and councillors will work through this together and decide, but I hope it won’t be because they offer up a “token” woman to make themselves look good.

That is absolute nonsense and a huge insult to any thinking woman anywhere.

And as for Wayne’s remark about “let’s see who votes for whom … then we will know from the first meeting where we are heading” – well I don’t know what he is trying to infer but to me that is just more codswaddle.

Coralie Clune,

Lower Wonga