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Tom Hiddleston: My butt's not 'dangerous'

TOM Hiddleston is surprised people think his butt is "dangerous".

The 35-year-old actor stripped off for a racy scene in 'The Night Manager', a scene which was shelved from the American showing of the television series, and quipped here was "here to tell" his fans not to worry about him exposing his bare bottom on screen.

He said: "I was surprised to hear that they cut my butt out! I'm here to tell you that my butt is not dangerous. And there are many, many more dangerous things that people are happy to broadcast. I don't know what that says about the world we live in, but it probably says something."

And Tom - who is dating Taylor Swift - is being hounded by rumours he is to become the next James Bond but joked he would make a "terribly spy" at the moment because everyone knows who he is.

He told W magazine: "Right now I'd make a terrible spy, because every­body knows who I am. They'd be like, 'What are you doing here?' But Susanne Bier, the director of 'The Night Manager', said that she thinks I am very enigmatic and good at keeping secrets."

Meanwhile, Tom previously admitted he feels "very lucky" to be an actor.

He shared: "I apologise, unreservedly, first of all, for being everywhere. I'm sure it's deeply tiresome and nobody wants to ever see my face again.

"There's a strange coincidence in that the work of the last 18 months of my life has all been released at the same time. And for me, each piece of work has such integrity and focus. But it must seem different to be in the audience. I do feel very lucky that I'm allowed to do so many different things."