MARY Holman has seen 23 prime ministers and 35 federal elections in her lifetime, and she's got some religious wisdom for both Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten.

"I'm a Christian, and I pray to God that whoever wins, He gives them wisdom to manage the economy properly," she said.

The 92-year-old retired farmer's wife, who lives at Lutheran Services Salem Community in South Toowoomba, reflected on her experiences on polling days ahead of the nation's 46th election today.

Growing up in South Australia, Mrs Holman said politics didn't play a huge role in her life until she and her husband Phillip started raising their family.

She said while plenty of things about elections had changed, polling day still remained a social occasion.

"We used to go to wherever the voting was, a church or school," she said.

"There were volunteers for both parties and they'd hand you their cards.

"We'd go in and vote, and friends would be around and you'd have a chat.

"It was a social gathering - you'd have a talk and probably forget about who you each voted for."

One of the modern conveniences Mrs Holman said she enjoyed was knowing who won the election on the same day.

"(In the past) we'd probably find out the result in the news next day or on the wireless," she said.

"I'm going to be listening tomorrow for it, and it's come in and they kind of give you an idea before it's got to the end."