Lockout laws: MP warns of 'sex in the gardens'

A TOOWOOMBA politician debating the government's lockout laws has warned of people having "sex in the gardens".

Member for Toowoomba North Trevor Watts spoke against the proposals, saying they would create a culture around drinking that would be "very dangerous for the people of Queensland".

Mr Watts, who said he had been involved in the club industry for a long time, warned the laws could drive people to party in the suburbs.

Toowoomba North, LNP, Trevor Watts Photo Bev Lacey / The Chronicle
Toowoomba North MP Trevor Watts has warned of people having "sex in the gardens". Bev Lacey

"They are going to be partying in your suburbs," he said.

"They are going to partying (sic) next door to your house. They are going to (sic) making noise. They are going to be having sex in the gardens. They are going to be getting drunk."

His speech was then interrupted by several members of government.

Citing a Tweet from Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, "If these lockout laws can prevent one death or one sexual assault, my God it's worth it",  Mr Watts said the laws could instead lead to more unreported sexual assaults.

"Yes, it would be worth it if it did, but can members imagine what will happen to a young girl who is sexually assaulted at a private party where hundreds of people have arrived in response to a Facebook invitation?" he questioned.

"There is no security, there are no cameras, there is no protection, there is no support, there is nobody coming, the police are unaware the party is happening and there are no paramedics. Can members imagine what will happen to her?"

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He described the government's goal of creating a safer environment for clubbers as a fantasy.

"You are in a dream world. You are creating one of the most dangerous environments to send our young people into and you need to take responsibility for that," he said.