Kerry Shine on the streets of Toowoomba at the weekend.
Kerry Shine on the streets of Toowoomba at the weekend. Dave Noonan

Shine weighing up political comeback

FORMER Member for Toowoomba North Kerry Shine is weighing up making a political comeback at the next state election.

Mr Shine hit the streets of Toowoomba on Saturday talking to members of the public about Labor's policies surrounding education and disability services.

Mr Shine, talking exclusively to The Chronicle, said he still had not made up his mind as to whether he will contest the state election in 2015.

"It is fifty fifty at the moment," Mr Shine said.

"It is certainly at the back of my mind and something I am considering.

"Our party will not be endorsing candidates until after the federal election in September.

"It will also depend on who puts their name forward for pre-selection," he said.

Mr Shine, who will be 67 at the next election, said he definitely missed aspects of public life.

"I loved serving the people of Toowoomba North," he said.

"I enjoyed aspects of parliamentary life.

"I miss most aspects, but some I do not."

Mr Shine, who has kept a low profile since his election defeat to Trevor Watts, said he had time to digest the events of a year ago.

"To be honest, looking back on the night, I was not all that shocked we lost the election," he said.

"I was shocked by how badly we were defeated."

The consummate politician, Mr Shine took the opportunity to have a swipe at the current Campbell Newman led state government.

"Not a day has gone by where there has not been a scandal," he said.

"It is an ongoing saga."

Liberal National Party Member for Toowoomba North Trevor Watts said Labor's legacy was state debt and dysfunctional government.

"Kerry was a senior member of the government that left us with a forecasted debt of $85bn and that has ultimately hurt the families of Toowoomba," he said.