Saddlecloth fiasco latest blunder in Queensland

Toowoomba was again the scene of a major blunder by integrity officials when two horses carried the wrong saddlecloth in a race on Saturday night.

In an extraordinary sequence of events, no one picked up the blunder until after the race had been run.

The No. 5 saddlecloth was first across the line, but rather than being carried by the correct horse Unimaginable, it was on Royal Warfare.

After Unimaginable was originally semaphored as the winner, the numbers changed to reflect Royal Warfare (who should have carried the No. 4 cloth) as the correct winner of the race.

An inquiry has been opened as to how the error was allowed to happen, whereby it should have been picked up by at least half a dozen checkpoints before it reached the embarrassing stage of the race being run.

Stewards once again have fallen short in their duties, as the error should have been picked up when brands were checked as horses entered the mounting yard.

But to think no one else picked it up - from at least half a dozen other potential check points, is mind boggling.

It adds to the recent woes of stewards, following the Rockhampton wrong horse fiasco and the wrong numbers being declared on correct weight on Toowoomba Weetwood Day.

At Doomben on Saturday, Chris Waller's Queensland stable representative Paul Shailer was fined $500 for presenting Tangled with the wrong saddle in the final event.

Waller had six runners in the race and the error was picked up before the horses entered the mounting yard.