Top 5 apps that will change students' lives

STUDENTS of today are spoilt for choice with a huge number of study apps available at the touch of their finger.

Whether they are for organisation, note-taking or even stopping you from going on Facebook every five minutes, there are stacks on offer.

We've pulled together our top five:

1.       SelfControl: This is one for every student who procrastinates on social media or other sites when they're supposed to be studying or doing assignments. It lets you block your own access to distracting websites for a certain time period. Just add sites to your blacklist, set a timer and click start. Until the timer expires, you will be unable to access those sites - even if you restart your device or delete the app. Talk about tough love!

2.       Timetable: Available in Google Play, Timetable is the ultimate organisational tool. It saves all your homework and class times into the one place, allows you to set reminders and due dates so you know what's coming up.

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Timetable - to keep you organised. Georja Ryan

3.       Evernote: Basically the 'note' function already on your device - but so much more. You can attach images, audio, locations, search through notes, and more. You can take photos of class handouts and use the app to search for keywords in that handout.

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Evernote - to keep all your ideas and notes in one place. Georja Ryan

4.       Google Drive: Like a USB on your device, this app allows you to store files online so you can access them anytime on any device it's installed on. The first 15GB of storage is free, and you can upgrade after that for a fee.

5.       Free Wi-Fi Finder: Let's face it, when you're on a student budget, internet can be expensive. This app allows you to stake out the nearest free wi-fi hotspots near you.

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