BATTLE: Gympie Gold batsman Steven Brady at the crease.
BATTLE: Gympie Gold batsman Steven Brady at the crease. Renee Albrecht

Top 5 rivalries in Gympie Cricket

1. Gympie Gold v Caboolture

THESE two sides have a rivalry like Australia v England.

Contenders for the top two spots on the ladder, both sides rise to the occasion.

"The last five to six years we have been at the top which has led to the rivalry,” Gold captain and all-rounder Lewis Waugh said. "We have played in about six grand finals which have been a close contest, that has added to the contest.

Cricket - Gympie Gold Lewis Waugh Gympie Gold XI
Gympie Gold captain and batting all-rounder Lewis Waugh. Leeroy Todd

"Caboolture are a semi-professional club and have attracted former Queensland players and coaches.”

With Caboolture's wide recruitment area, their juniors have excelled.

The last day of the crickey grand final in Maroochydore between Gympie and Caboolture.  Kaden Dickfos, bowled for 83.  Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily
Gympie Gold batsman Kaden Dickfos, bowled for 83, in a grand final against rivals Caboolture. John McCutcheon

"They have a few first-class players and handy senior players which younger players can feed off to grow their skills,” Gympie batting all-rounder Kaden Dickfos said.

"Caboolture is close to Brisbane, so they can attract some big names.”

2. Steven Brady (Gympie) and Matt Parkinson (Caboolture)

"THEY both attack really well in their roles. Steve is aggressive at playing shots, always good for fans to watch,” Waugh said.

Gympie Gold cricketers Steven Brady and Josh Brady both scored over 60 runs on the weekend against Nambour Cutters. Photo Patrick Woods / Gympie Times
Gympie Gold cricketers Steven Brady and Josh Brady both scored over 60 runs on the weekend against Nambour Cutters. Photo Patrick Woods / Gympie Times Patrick Woods

"Steve is a right-hand batsman but is a bit similar to Adam Gilchrist (former Australian wicketkeeper-batsman) with his attacking style of play and positioning of the ball.”

Spin bowler Matt Parkinson has a history of taking a lot of wickets.

Maroochydore host Caboolture in the one day cricket grand final.Caboolture bowler Matthew Parkinson
Caboolture bowler Matt Parkinson tears one in. Warren Lynam

"Parko (Parkinson) will always make you play the shot, he can bowl all day and has taken a lot of wickets against Gympie,” Waugh said.

3. Valleys v Colts

THERE have been many A-grade grand final battles between these two sides and players have always lifted for the occasion.

Cricket - Harlequins vs Colts Juniors - Nicholas Morley Colts
Colts player Nicholas Morley. LEEROY TODD

"As a child I played for Valleys and I remember Colts had quite a few experienced cricketers,” Dickfos said.

"As a young bloke it was very daunting. But it was satisfying when you beat them, it was the game you would always want to play.”

4. Josh Brady (Gympie) and Matt Anderson (Caboolture, now retired)

MIDDLE-ORDER batsman Brady comes to the crease fearless, hoping to punish Anderson for his bad ball.

"These two were such competitors when they versed each other,” Waugh said.

Cricket, Josh Brady Gympie Gold
Gold all-rounder Josh Brady.

"You would not want to take your eyes off the middle for a second in case you missed something.”

Waugh said both players would not want to back down.

"The rivalry was there because Anderson was full of confidence and took a lot of wickets.” Waugh said. "Brady was fearless in the way he would play, especially against Anderson.”

5. Valleys v Wests

IN THE 1970s and 1980s these sides contested about 10 premierships in a row.

Cricket - A Grade Wests vs Harlequins - Brad Morgan Wests
Wests batsman Brad Morgan. LEEROY TODD

Not much could separate them with the battle going to the final over.

Cricket One Day Final - A Grade Murgon vs Valleys - Nathan McGill Valleys
Valleys' bowler Nathan McGill. LEEROY TODD

Despite the evening out of winners in recent times, these two clubs have a dominant history.