Cameron Carter from St George on Black Douglas.
Cameron Carter from St George on Black Douglas.

Top-notch action at showground

ALL the tried and noted riders - and some competing for the first time - took to the ring for the annual Widgee Campdraft and Rodeo last weekend.

It was a full three days of action at the Widgee Showgrounds where spectators were treated to top-class performances by cowboys, and horsemen and women from around the region and interstate.

Nominations for all events were filled in advance with many competitors and their supporters camping overnight at the showgrounds.


Campdraft results are:

JB (Bally) Smith Memorial Maiden Draft: Dan Richards (riding Moscow) 1, Adam Rockemer (Spin/n/Lynx) 2, Ian Atthow (Clever) 3, Dan Monloney (Cheers) 4, Lisa Rycroft (Cruiser) 5.

Bill Robson Memorial Novice Draft: Steve Idle (Dream) 1, Troy Cavanagh (Dan) 2, Graham Blanch (Callum) 3, Kay Radke (Flare) and Jason Pearce (Blade) tie 4.

Ted and May Carr Memorial Open Draft: Max Lucht (Millie) 1, Kay Radke (Girl Talk) 2, Dan Brown (Maverick) 3, Dan Richards (Elite) 4, Cedric Hopf (Wallerette) 5, Kay Radke (Jazz) 6.

Ladies Draft: Kay Radke (Girl Talk) 1, Linda Peters (Kamvara Destiny) and Letitia Fragale (Oaks Tru Little Spinifex) tie 2, Amy Atkinson (Drover's Boy) 4, Mary Ann Atthow (Jordan) 5, Denise Gothe (PJ) 6.

AM & DM McIntosh Memorial Juvenile Draft: Peta Barkle (Miss Piggy) 1, Chloe Williams (Playboys QT) 2, Amy Atkinson (Drover's Boy) 3, Cody Stegemann (Pepper) 4, Wade Radke (Flare), Billy Wilson (Jondel Top Hat) and Cody Jo Nethercote (CJ) tie 5.

Darren Falconer Memorial Junior Draft: Riley Rockemer (Spin/n/Lynx) 1, Jacob Rockemer (Trooper) 2, Dean Radke (Simone) 3, Thomas Mawhinney (Danny) 4.