Gympie's top result for karate

GYMPIE Karate Club members have again featured strongly in competition following the Kingaroy Titles earlier this month.

The competition was held on April 4, attracting competitors from throughout the Wide Bay and South Burnett.

As the second round of the karate competition circuit, Gympie’s high standard of results shows no sign of waning.

Results: Shane Harelle – Kata 1st, Kumite 2nd; Emily Harelle – Kata 1st, Kumite 1st; Cameron Harelle – Kate 3rd, Kumite 2nd; Kirk Dixon - Kumite 3rd; Dylan Enstrom – Kumite 3rd; Maryshiel Turner – Kata 2nd, Kumite 2nd; Chris Kerle – Kata 3rd; Hannah Yates – Kata 3rd; Ruben Selby – Kata 2nd, Kumite 2nd; Team Kata (Cris, Shiralee and Hanah) – Kata 3rd.