Townsville BMX rider Jack Humphreys
Townsville BMX rider Jack Humphreys

Young BMX rider in fight for his life after horror crash

TOWNSVILLE BMX rider Jack Humphreys is today spending his 14th birthday in hospital after a horror racing accident that could spell the end of his young riding career.

Jack is recovering in Queensland Children's Hospital in Brisbane following the accident in Atherton, which resulted in Jack suffering two severely unstable broken vertebrae, a bleed in his spinal cord and a badly broken left arm.

He has also lost mobility in his right arm, and faces an 18-month wait to know just how much function he will regain in his arms and legs.

Jack's parents Mark and Lyndal have been at his bedside ever since Jack was flown to Brisbane, where he had emergency surgery to have a halo fitted to stabilise his neck and spent a week in ICU.

Townsville BMX rider Jack Humphreys in ICU at Brisbane Children's Hospital.
Townsville BMX rider Jack Humphreys in ICU at Brisbane Children's Hospital.


Townsville BMX rider Jack Humphreys.
Townsville BMX rider Jack Humphreys.

Jack has taken small steps in his road to recovery and can now walk short distances with the help of others, but his future remains under a cloud of uncertainty.

"We're thankful he's still here with us, we just pray things will improve," Mr Humphreys said.

"He's out of bed and he's been fitted with a halo.

"He was on spinal observation for four days, that meant he couldn't do anything except lay perfectly still in bed for that time.

"It wasn't nice those four days. He was just pleading with us to do the surgery, he just wanted to get off that bed."

Mr Humphreys was at the Atherton BMX Club when Jack's freak accident unfolded.

"Him telling me he couldn't feel his arms and legs was the worst moment of my life," he said.

"They were telling us from the scans of his spine that they didn't expect him to walk again.

"But he's made some progress and he's a tough little bugger; the physios keep telling him to slow down, but he's doing that because he wants to do better than what's expected of him."

The Humphreys family has been incredibly brave throughout the past month of Jack's time in hospital and they take each day as it comes.

"It's been a rollercoaster; he's had his days where he's just over it," Mrs Humphreys said.

"He can't feed himself, scratch himself... we have to let him have those moments of frustration.

"We still have that uncertainty; we're not able to say how much time it will take for him to recover, and what the extent of his injuries will be.

"His spinal cord is very swollen and we're just waiting for the swelling to go down, so it's all very unknown."

Jack Humphreys racing at the Fast and Furious BMX carnival.
Jack Humphreys racing at the Fast and Furious BMX carnival.

The North Queensland BMX community has rallied around the Humphreys family and set up a GoFundMe page, and is providing help with everyday tasks.

"We can't believe how creative people have been at helping us," Lyndal said.

"We've had heaps of people cook for our daughter who is in Townsville, and here at Ronald McDonald House people have been making meals for us.

"Neighbours having been mowing our lawn and we had another family buy us a Jetstar voucher."

Mr Humphreys said the family was reluctant to take people's help at first.

"Initially we didn't want that sort of help from people because we're a family that's been used to standing on its own two feet," he said.

"But we've taken this help because we don't know what the future will have in store for us, there's so many question marks.

"The more we're in it, the more we realise how important receiving help really is."

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