'Toxic' relationship erupted into car ramming mayhem

A 'TOXIC' past relationship and jealousy angered a woman who drove her Fiat into two cars and gave a man whiplash.

Amy Elizabeth Eddington, 43, was sentenced on Thursday for charges including unlawful stalking, threatening to kill, wilful damage and dangerous driving.

She pleaded guilty to the charges at Brisbane District Court and had already paid some compensation for the damage.

Judge William Everson said Eddington was in a mutually "toxic" and sometimes abusive relationship for about five years with a man before she threw him out in June 2016.

A series of texts Eddington sent last October landed her in trouble.

Some were signed off with "c*nt" and included a picture of a knife. She also threatened to harm herself.

"You deceived me ... I don't trust you at all," some correspondence read.

On October 18, she drove her car into the former partner's Jeep Cherokee, and the court was told the bigger Jeep was disabled.

That prompted a bemused response from Judge Everson, and laughter from the public gallery, when he said damage to the Cherokee "speaks a lot about the quality of a Fiat".

After that collision, Eddington went to her former partner's friend's house and "approached there in a menacing way," Judge Everson added.

She then rammed another car when the former partner and a friend were inside, damaging the vehicle and giving the friend whiplash.

Eddington then crashed at a roundabout. Police found her with a small amount of cannabis, and what prosecuting barrister Catherine Birkett called "a large kitchen knife".

After her arrest, Eddington resumed texting the former partner. She was taken back into custody in October 22, spending 119 days locked up.

Eddington had a good upbringing, once won a scholarship to study fashion in Paris, and was of "generally good character", the judge said.

And she had no substantial criminal record. But at a 2009 function she kicked her ex-partner's car door and had to appear at Ipswich Magistrates Court.

"It's very relevant offending because it involves jealousy directed at a former partner in circumstances where he's going somewhere with a new partner," Judge Everson said.

But members of the public gasped when the judge said Eddington was not "being menaced" by the man she split up with last year.

Eddington had support from many people, including family members, defence barrister Josh Jones said.

Several people also provided positive references which Judge Everson took into account.

She was disqualified from driving for two years and sentenced to two years, six months jail, but due to time served was released on parole immediately, and her supporters embraced her as sentencing ended.