Gladstone tradie grabs 'pure fantasy' sex toy

IN A case of bad vibes that ended before the court, Neil Smith made repeat visits to a Gladstone chemist and took a pregnancy test kit, walking out without paying.

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In a deja vu moment he returned three weeks later. But this time he grabbed a vibrator sex toy before leaving the store without paying.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens told Gladstone Magistrates Court that Smith went to the Chemist Warehouse in suburban Clinton at 4pm on June 3 and stole the pregnancy testing kit valued at $9.69.

Sergeant Stevens said Smith removed the item from its box and put it in his pocket.

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SEX TOY: Neil Smith was caught with a stolen sex toy.
SEX TOY: Neil Smith was caught with a stolen sex toy.

At the counter he paid for just one test kit then left.

Sgt Stevens said Smith went back to the store on June 27 and stole a Durex Pure Fantasy brand vibrator. He put the vibrator in his pocket and left the store without paying.

Lawyer Jun Pepito said Smith was a scaffolder who took the items in "a random act".

Magistrate Melanie Ho said not a very high level of intelligence was shown in Smith's decision making.

Smith pleaded guilty to two counts of stealing.

Ms Ho sentenced Smith to unpaid community service work and ordered he pay restitution to the chemist.