Jason Andrew Dobson and some of the contractors he knew dabbled in a bad habit, the court heard.
Jason Andrew Dobson and some of the contractors he knew dabbled in a bad habit, the court heard. Facebook

Tradie stuck in horror addiction spiralled out of control

A CONCRETER got stuck in a "massive” addiction.

A court heard young father Jason Andrew Dobson found himself trying ice when his Mackay business faltered in about 2012.

After that, he got hooked.

And after that, he was dealing ice in such an erratic state of mind he could hardly remember the offending.

Dobson, now 33, pleaded guilty on Thursday to drug offences including trafficking.

"It's in Mackay that everything fell apart for him,” defence counsel Chris Minnery told Brisbane Supreme Court.

He said Dobson became an "addict on a massive scale” with increasingly erratic behaviour.

But prosecutor David Finch said Dobson was a recidivist who had squandered multiple chances the courts gave him.

Justice James Douglas heard police in 2015 targeted a woman suspected of selling ecstasy and ice in Mackay.

Police intercepting her communications got wind of Dobson, who was later arrested after selling drugs to undercover cops.

Mr Finch said Dobson once "effectively ran from police” by taking off in his car then dumping it in a canefield.

Inside the car, police found about a substance containing about 40g of ice.

The court heard Dobson recognised his addiction was dangerous, so at one point he sent his children away to live with a relative.

"You feel thoroughly disgusted with yourself and want to turn your life around,” Justice Douglas told Dobson.

The court heard Dobson had taken multiple jail courses and was drug-free.

Dobson's trafficking was low-frequency but involved significant drug amounts, Justice Douglas said.

"You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself,” the judge added.

But Justice Douglas accepted Dobson made serious rehab efforts and entered a timely guilty plea.

Dobson was jailed for seven and a half years.

He'd served 696 days in custody already and is eligible for parole on April 10 next year.

Dobson was also sentenced for failing to stop, unlicensed driving, and driving when disqualified.

He faced mandatory disqualification and was banned from driving for three years.

"I hope someone can drive him to work,” Justice Douglas said. -NewsRegional