Kiani Jayde Pickering was found with $6000 hidden in her bra and 246g of marijuana when she was intercepted by police.
Kiani Jayde Pickering was found with $6000 hidden in her bra and 246g of marijuana when she was intercepted by police.

Traffic stop exposes drug dealer’s bra cash stash

A drug dealer caught with $6000 cash in her bra, which she claimed was from her "sugar daddy", is trying to change her life.


Officers in an unmarked police car got more than they bargained for when they spotted Kiani Jayde Pickering, 30, committing a traffic offence at Warana on May 23.

Police prosecutor Brendan Newman told Maroochydore Magistrates Court police could smell the distinct odour of marijuana coming from her car when they pulled her over.

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"A search of the vehicle and police have uncovered a hidden compartment in the vicinity of the engine bay," he said.

The court heard police found six clipseal bags, each with 30g of marijuana and four bags with 16.5g of marijuana.

The total weight of the marijuana was 246g.

The court heard police also found $6000 in cash hidden in Pickering's bra.

"When questioned, the defendant stated the money was given to her by a male friend she referred to as 'sugar daddy,' but did not provide police with this person's real details," Sgt Newman said.

Police also seized Pickering's phone and found messages from Pickering agreeing to supplying someone with drugs.

They also raided Pickering's home where they found marijuana buds and a magnetic box used to transport marijuana.

"Police have located a locked safe, inside the safe police have located two mobile phones belonging to the defendant," Sgt Newman said.

Police found Pickering had used the applications MSN, Snapchat and Wickr to sell drugs.

"Police have observed customers getting in contact with the defendant to arrange the purchase and delivery of cannabis," Sgt Newman said.

"Police have observed the defendant has used the phone application Snapchat to disseminate a Christmas batch of edibles for her associates."

Sgt Newman said Pickering had gone to lengths to avoid police intervention by using the hidden compartment and the money hidden in the bra.

Pickering pleaded guilty on Tuesday to six charges including possessing and supplying dangerous drugs.

Pickering's lawyer Mitchell Cunningham said Pickering has just started work at a cleaning company.

The court heard Pickering, who used to be a daily marijuana user, had been taking steps to rehabilitate.

"She is serious about changing her life," Mr Cunningham said.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan said the charges were serious.

"I also note that you have taken some steps at rehabilitation," he said.

Pickering was sentenced to seven months in jail, wholly suspended for one year.

Convictions were recorded.