Trail bike rider's video of being attacked by ram goes viral

A NELSON trail bike rider has received international attention for a video showing him being confronted by an angry ram.

Marty Todd's YouTube video, in which a surly ram prevents him from riding up a dirt track, has gone viral after being featured on CNN and the UK's Daily Mail website.

"I was riding my trail bike up a hill when I came across this grumpy old ram with huge horns," Mr Todd said.

"It charged my bike then started attacking me, surprisingly powerful animal."

Mr Todd said he couldn't turn his trail bike around as he was on a steep hill and if he did the ram would have charged him side on which could have broken his leg.

"This guy is known for his aggression and attacks for no reason, he's even attacked a group of pig hunting dogs.

"In the end I had to pick up a branch and wave it in front of him, he didn't like the noise and backed off enough for me to make my escape."