Opposition leader Bill Shorten
Opposition leader Bill Shorten MICK TSIKAS

Treacherous politicians cannot fool us with their claims

KEITH Whiteside of Sippy Downs (Daily, November 28) asks when will voters forgive the Liberals for booting Malcolm Turnbull out of office?

Keith could ask the same question as to why voters refuse to forgive Bill Shorten as seen in every poll as to who should be Australia's preferred Prime Minister.

This is the same person who was behind the Rudd, Gillard and Labor's eventual loss to the Coalition.

Any pollie who plays the role of Judas during their parties term of office deserves nothing less than expulsion.

Their own parties know who they are.

Those same traitors are prepared to win at all costs.

That includes the loss of a term in office as the elected government.

But they can't fool the Australian voters.


Sunrise Beach