The Deputy Premier of Queensland Jackie Trad.
The Deputy Premier of Queensland Jackie Trad. Patrick Woods

Tree clearing laws akin to 'theft': letter

RECENTLY there have been several newspaper reports, rallies etc protesting these new tree clearing laws.

I believe these farmers and concerned citizens are not addressing the real issue.

Jackie Trad boasts she has a report that indicates tree clearing is killing the reef.

How does land west of the Great Dividing Range and south of Bundaberg affect the reef?

I think the report she commissioned had to blame everything on protecting the reef or the report writers would be looking for a new job.

Must keep our voter base happy.

Does she know that when you remove a tree you get grass, not bare earth that may wash into the reef?

These laws first introduced by the Beattie Labor government and now continued by the current Government, both without any compensation being paid, is plain and simply theft of private property by a selfish and totally uncaring Labor Government.

If the Government was remotely genuine then landowners would be rewarded for growing trees not persecuted for growing them.

You can not clear a tree if there is not one growing there.

Ms Trad's attitude is that a piece of coral on a reef that 99.9% of the population will never see is more important than rural farmers and families who live in the bush.

Both the Federal and State Government are spending billions of dollars monitoring the reef, jobs for the boys, but not one red cent to affected land owners.

Any politician, of whatever party, who votes for this legislation, without proper compensation to affected people, is basically telling the bush people, 'I like coral more than you, but I will still retire on your taxes'.

G. Schubert,