Young father Corey Verburg, 20, died in Mackay overnight. Friends and family have been mourning his untimely death.
Young father Corey Verburg, 20, died in Mackay overnight. Friends and family have been mourning his untimely death. Facebook

Tributes flow for young father after tragic NYE death

THE tragic death of a young father who died from a stab wound on New Year's Eve has left the Mackay community in shock.

Corey Verburg, aged 20, will be missed by family, friends and perhaps most of all his two-year-old son, who will now grow up without his father.

Friends of the young man have taken to social media to mourn and share their condolences.

Dylan Milner said his friend will be missed by many.

"I just have no words at this point I'm ... lost this morning. R.I.P Corey," he said.

Another poster voiced their support for family and friends, as well as their hope police would be able to find out what lead to Mr Verburg's death in the initial hours of 2019.

Mackay police City Inspector Ian Haughton outlined the events which had occurred.

Police are investigating the suspicious death of a 20-year-old man who was allegedly involved in an altercation at an address in Gemini Court in Andergrove on New Year's Eve.
Police investigating the stabbing at Andergrove. Emma Murray

He said reports of an "altercation" between a 20 year-old man - now identified as Mr Verburg - and a 67 year-old man at a Gemini Street, Andergrove home occurred before midnight.

"During that altercation the 20-year-old has sustained a stab wound to his abdomen," he said.

Despite an ambulance being called to help, Mr Verburg reportedly left the property with a group of people, who Insp Haughton said were driving him to hospital.

Less than two kilometres down the road Mr Verburg succumbed to his injuries.

Police were treating Mr Verburg's death as suspicious.

Officers took the unidentified 67-year-old into custody on Tuesday morning. At the time of publication, no charges had been laid.

Insp Haughton described the crime as a "sad set of circumstances".

"It is a very sad start to the year ... for the family of the deceased and for everyone who had to attend," he said.

"The family and the family members are distressed. It is not something anyone wanted to start the year."

Insp Haughton said no comment would be made about the relationship between the two men, or the type of charges that could be be laid until investigators have a better understanding about what happened.

"The circumstances about what occurred at the address are all subject to a major investigation ... which has been ongoing since the events," he said.

"There is a number of people being interviewed, of which the 67-year old is one."

To assist with the investigation, forensic scientists - including fingerprint experts - will travel to Mackay to analyse crime scenes, including the Gemini St home, and the car Mr Verburg had been travelling in.