A woman abused emergency service personnel Emerald Magistrates Court has heard.
A woman abused emergency service personnel Emerald Magistrates Court has heard.

Mum got upset over 'house falling apart' and dialled 000

A WOMAN whose home was "falling apart" called an emergency line three times and abused the operators.

Alison Kathleen Lommerse phoned triple-0 multiple times between 1am and 2am on September 29 after her ex-partner returned to Emerald with their son the day before.

Emerald Magistrates Court heard she was believed to be in a drunken state, calling the operators "c---s".

Lommerse told the court today she drank so much because her house near Gin Gin was falling apart and deemed unlivable.

However, she said her real estate agent told her they wouldn't look into the issues until after Christmas.

"I was having a meltdown," she said.

"The septic is broken, the roof is leaking, nothing works.

"There's raw sewerage and there's no reception."

Police prosecutor Paul Cramp said that throughout the three phone calls, Lommerse made false accusations against police, used inappropriate language and wouldn't co-operate when they asked for more information.

The court heard the 36-year-old mother attended Gin Gin Police Station the following day to apologise for her actions.

"You made three calls, motivated in your intoxicated state by some grievance," magistrate Robert Walker said.

"There was no emergency, no basis for you to call that service, and they made it abundantly clear that there was no assistance they could give you.

"You became abusive and used obscene language towards the emergency service personnel."

Lommerse pleaded guilty to the improper use of an emergency service call and was ordered to complete a 12-month good behaviour bond.