Troy Rowlands is the new president of the Gympie Cricket Association.
Troy Rowlands is the new president of the Gympie Cricket Association. Craig Warhurst

One-on-one with Troy Rowlands

TROY Rowlands was voted in as the new Gympie Cricket Association president on Monday night. Rowlands is taking over the reins of the club after former president Bob Blackburn retired from the role last week. The Gympie Times goes one on one with Rowlands to ask him about the direction he wants to take Gympie Cricket.


Q. Why did you decide to run for the president of the GCA? 

A. I am a newly retired player with lots of ideas and a hunger to take Gympie Cricket going forward in the right direction.


Q. What plans do you and your new committee have to build cricket in Gympie?

A. We have some exciting plans for the coming season including more Twenty20 games that players and spectators alike can enjoy. We plan to have a charity Twenty20 game against the Gympie Devils and will be working more closely with Junior Cricket as well to nurture the upcoming talent that will be the senior players of the future.


Q. What do you think about the problem of overlapping fields at Albert Park?

A. Well I retired from playing A grade Cricket last year and over the 26 years or so that I played there I never once saw anybody get seriously hurt down there and that probably goes back a lot further than my time as well. Yes we know that it is not ideal, but for a cost exercise, we definitely need to have two local games of cricket being played on the two fields at Albert.


Q. Is there an answer to this?

A. Yes, re-aligning the fields. There are already plans in the system with the council to do this, so the wheels are in motion.


Q. Do you think Twenty20 cricket will kill off one day cricket or the longer form of the game?

A. I can't see it killing of the longer format of the game, quite possibly the one-day 50-over game would be the one that I think will go first due to Twenty20 being so damn popular with the fans.


Q. How can we make the Gold a more competitive team in the Sunshine Coast competition?

A. We have planted seeds at the AGM about this matter and in the coming seasons will see the Gympie Gold team become a far more professional outfit with the help of coaching and equipment needed to succeed at this level. There is no doubt that we have the talent, we just need to bring it all together.


Q. Where would you like to see Gympie Cricket in 10 years?

A. As strong as possible. Unfortunately with the Gympie Gold team we are only an invitational team and who knows for how much longer that may remain in place or when and if the Sunshine Coast Competition ever changes its format.

Would love to see the current club championships still being played, a tradition that has lasted for 100 years or so in Gympie.

It certainly would be a sad day in Gympie sport if we ever lost this local competition. After seeing so much history and memories being lost in other sporting codes.


Q. How long have you played cricket?

A. About 36 years and I truly love the game.