Anthony Ronald Lancaster arrives at Ipswich Court on Tuesday. Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times
Anthony Ronald Lancaster arrives at Ipswich Court on Tuesday. Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times Rob Williams

Truck driver on trial over partner’s hit-and-run death

A TRUCK driver has been accused of killing his boyfriend in a hit-and-run accident after he allegedly drove over the 25-year-old then sped away.

At Ipswich District Court yesterday, Anthony Ronald Lancaster stood trial for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death and leaving the scene of an incident without obtaining help.

The fatal accident took place on Brisbane Rd in Booval about 8.15pm on September 13, 2013.


Crown prosecutor Caroline Marco said Lancaster had apparently broken up with his boyfriend, Simo Romic, in the lead-up to his death.

It is believed the couple had been arguing while they drove through Ipswich in Lancaster's work truck - a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Mr Romic had apparently refused to leave Lancaster's vehicle until their dispute was resolved.

It was alleged Lancaster tried to get away from Mr Romic by parking his truck near Brisbane Rd then exiting the vehicle.

When Mr Romic got out to follow Lancaster, the then 31-year-old apparently ran back to his truck and quickly drove away.

Ms Marco said a witness apparently watched as Mr Romic gave chase and ran alongside the driver's window, then lost his footing and fell under the vehicle.

She alleged the truck "bounced up and down" and "tilted on two wheels" as it ran over Mr Romic.

As a result, Mr Romic sustained a head injury and died at the scene.

After the accident took place, Ms Marco said the truck allegedly drove off without stopping.

She alleged that Lancaster phoned his half-brother soon after the incident and told him that he believed he had just run over Mr Romic.

Ms Marco said Lancaster had apparently felt a "bump" but was unsure if he had run over his boyfriend or hit the gutter.

She alleged the now 33-year-old drove back to the scene of the accident but sped away again when he saw police had arrived.

Lancaster returned to his home in north Brisbane and was later visited by police and charged.

Ms Marco said Lancaster was responsible for Mr Romic's death because he was driving the vehicle in "circumstances where it was dangerous to have been doing so".

She said even though Mr Romic fell independently of the movements of the vehicle, it was Lancaster's driving that caused his boyfriend's death.

The trial continues.