Police say there was
Police say there was "no doubt" this truckie saved the life of the young girl.

Truckie saves life of young, sleeping girl

POLICE discovered a four-year-old girl asleep in the bunk of a truck after another driver called to raise concerns about erratic driving behaviour.

A concerned truck driver called police and gave updated locations until the heavy vehicle that was being driven erratically was sighted on the Hume Highway at Ettamogah.

According to police, that erratic behaviour included veering left off the road, narrowly missing the wire rope barriers, veering sharply to the right, crossing two lanes and entering the centre median strip.

When police pulled the vehicle over, they spoke to the 28-year-old man from Victoria who they suspected was "under the influence of alcohol or drugs".

A breath test eliminated alcohol, so he was arrested for a blood and urine sample. Police say that as they were about to search the vehicle for drugs, the driver informed them that his daughter was asleep in the sleeper compartment.

A search of the vehicle showed the girl was unrestrained and asleep on the bed, according to police.

Police say a "crack" pipe was located with 0.4 grams of ice in a plastic, resealable bag.

The man was taken to the Albury Base Hospital for a blood and urine sample with his daughter.

The mother of the child was contacted to attend, and the man was issued a field court appearance notice for dangerous driving and possess prohibited drug for mention at Albury Court on December 5.

A report was also submitted to DCOS in relation to the child at risk.

Police are awaiting the results of samples regarding the drugs under influence offence.