A truck overturned at the bottom of Landsborough-Maleny road at the Gympie street roundabout.
A truck overturned at the bottom of Landsborough-Maleny road at the Gympie street roundabout. Nicholas Falconer

Truckies heroes after terror ride

TWO seriously injured men are being hailed heroes for saving little twin girls and countless other lives as their out-of-control truck hurtled down the Blackall Range towards the township of Landsborough yesterday.

The pair in the eastbound truck, who later told rescue workers of their terror, desperately fought to warn other motorists on Landsborough Maleny Rd with horn blasts and hazard lights for several minutes.

The duo, who work for Allens Asphalt, discovered their vehicle’s brakes had stopped working.

Several vehicles in their path escaped impact.

But not a northbound white four-wheel-drive carrying a woman and twin two-year-old girls on Gympie St.

The truck carrying hot bitumen connected with the northbound four-wheel-drive pushing it into a small tree.

Police investigations are continuing into the crash, but early signs indicate the 40-year-old truck driver’s evasive action may have saved the trio in the other vehicle from being seriously injured or even killed.

The ferocity of the collision sent the rigid Allens Asphalt truck into a reported series of spins, landing on the east side of the roundabout.

Police said there were initial multiple entrapments.

The 32-year-old woman who was driving the four-wheel-drive suffered a broken arm.

One of two children, believed to be about two years old, was taken to hospital for observation.

The child’s father accompanied in the ambulance, according to the Department of Community Safety.

A second child did not require hospital transport.

The AGL Action Rescue Helicopter Service was the first air rescue team to arrive, landing in Peace Memorial Park at 1.30pm.

Air crew officer Scott Reeman said they took the passenger, 42, to the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

“He was conscious the whole time and he told the helicopter crew it was a very scary environment,” Mr Reeman said.

“He said the truck’s brakes appeared to fail and failed for quite some time and that they both had felt quite helpess.”

The patient with a head fracture said his colleague was a hero.

“He said the driver had done a very good job to get as far as they did without hurting anyone else.”

Police said the pair was in a serious condition, but not critical.

The Daily’s calls to Allens Asphalt were not returned.