The true cost of 60 Minutes debacle revealed

THE true cost of 60 Minutes' infamous Lebanon debacle has been revealed and it's an eye-watering legal bill that would make even the hardest charging silk tied barrister blush. 

In it's end of financial year report, released today the company reported $7 million in one off legal costs. 

To place that in context, one off legal costs didn't even rate a mention in the same report last year. 

However not all of the money was spent on getting Tara Brown and her colleagues out of jail after a bungled attempt to snatch the children of Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner went horribly wrong.

Nine has also faced legal disputes over content and live-streaming into certain areas with competitor stations Win and Seven this financial year. 

"At the beginning of the year 2016 the key shows for us that didn't perform to expectations were things like Australia's Got Talent...that led into Farmer Wants a Wife, which also didn't perform", Nine CEO Hugh Marks told Fairfax.

"We ended up with not much content fire power at the top of the year until The Voice came on."