Tupperware mum exposed as alleged queen of meth empire


A 40-year-old Logan Tupperware saleswoman and her two parents in Hervey Bay have been arrested and charged with an alleged intrastate methamphetamine trafficking operation which saw the woman allegedly source the drug locally and send it north.

Crestmead woman Jade Therese Beech, 40, was arrested and charged late last week and charged with 14 offences.

They included supplying and trafficking dangerous drugs, possessing a revolver and ammunition, possessing Schedule 3 quantities of Schedule 1 and 2 drugs, possessing $140,000 suspended to be the proceeds of crime, and contravening an order to provide the passcode to her mobile phone, as well as other minor drug offences.

Crestmead woman Jade Therese Beech, 40. Picture: Facebook
Crestmead woman Jade Therese Beech, 40. Picture: Facebook

Police allege, among other behaviour, Ms Beech was "happy to take collateral", including vehicles, for drug debts; made threats about sending "the boys" around to customer's houses to kill them; and messaged her parents about the quality of batches.

In one message tendered to the court, Ms Beech is alleged to have threatened a person, "I'm all about business now, I can show you ruthlessness".

One customer, an "associate" of one of her daughters, was harangued by Ms Beech over a $20,000 debt, police prosecutor Timothy Wise alleged, and ultimately "ended up in hospital one way or another".

Ms Beech's Hervey Bay father, Kim Beech, 61, was granted bail in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on Friday last week on similar charges to his daughter, as well as charges of unlawful stalking, wilful damage and common assault.

Hervey Bay man Kim Beech, 61. Picture: Facebook
Hervey Bay man Kim Beech, 61. Picture: Facebook

Beenleigh Magistrates Court on Wednesday heard Ms Beech's mother, who has not been publicly named, was also charged with drug offences and given watch-house bail.

Mr Wise told the court the alleged period of ice trafficking occurred between May 2020 and the Beeches arrest last week.

He told the court there were 1722 communications between Ms Beech and her parents which informed the police case.

"It appears Ms Beech was a significant contributor in getting the drugs from Brisbane to the Hervey Bay area," Mr Wise said.

Mr Wise alleged there was evidence the ice was travelling as far north as Townsville, with evidence Ms Beech was contacted by a person who had been arrested at Townsville Airport in possession of three ounces of ice asking her to "contact (your) dad".

The court heard Ms Beech was on a suspended jail sentence for the duration of the alleged offending.

Defence lawyer Michael Gatenby told the court his client was a Tupperware saleswoman and stressed he did not intend to suggest the $140,000 could have come from that endeavour.

Magistrate Louise Shepherd denied Ms Beech bail, ruling she was an unacceptable risk of committing further offences.

Her charges will next be mentioned on May 5.

Originally published as Tupperware mum exposed as alleged queen of meth empire